• Steps Towards Freedom from COVID
        As we take our first steps towards freedom from staying at home.... We should remember that these are only our FIRST steps and they do need to be small steps as Read more
  • COVID Skin Rashes, COVID TOES and more
    COVID-19 has been associated with multiple type of skin conditions. One report from a hospital in  Italy reported up to 20% of patients with Corona Virus have skin symptoms. Here Read more
  • So...What's up with Skin?
          In these days of repeated handwashing and hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of COVID-19, hand dermatitis has become much more common. Add this to home cooked meals, Read more
  • Welcome to our blog
    Welcome to the Blog of Sharon A. Stokes, MD, PA Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a dermatologist in the Kissimmee area, we're excited you are here. Read more