Your Rejuvenation Journey



Your Rejuvenation Journey


Welcome to your journey! Looking, feeling,and functioning younger is not a destination, but a lifelong journey. Each step you take can bring you further along your path or may be a pause, sidestep, or back step. Some of you may have already taken many steps along your journey as you come to our office for help, and others may have never had a consideration to do anything up this this point. Either way, we can coach and guide you along your journey. Before starting on your journey, much like any coach or travel agent would do, we will want to know what you’ve done so far and where it is that you would like to go.  Realistic expectations are a must. Patients often come in for consultation expecting to do the one treatment that will make them look years younger. Often the desire for one treatment,or one treatment session, is budgetary or because of an upcoming special event (wedding, reunion, or special family pictures). Expecting one visit or session to completely rejuvenate would be like going to the gym and expecting one sit-up to completely tone and slim the body, including your arms. We can help you, one step at a time, to understand what types of treatments and what type of care will be beneficial. It is very important to understand the process of how your skin got to where it is now and what steps it will take to get you skin to the best it can be.


    The number, speed and types of steps depend on the traveler. Would you like to sprint ahead along the path? Quick treatments with big results are the ones that have more risks and often more down time. Patients who are sprinters in this example are those who are full on game for aggressive treatments like face lists, neck lifts, eyelid surgery, aggressive laser treatments, etc. Many of these treatments require a plastic surgeon, rather than our office. Often even these treatments are not completely one and done because we all continue to age over time and we all need maintenance care for our skin and we can help you with that.


Instead of sprinting, would you like to take your journey like a circuit training path (run, walk, run, walk, etc.)? Patients who choose this type of journey often want to look good for an event, but realize that they want to keep up their appearance such that they would like to continue to take small steps repeatedly...until the next big event is approaching. Taking the circuit trainer route, can give you excellent results.


    Instead of running, would you like to meander along the rejuvenation path and take pauses along the way?  Awesome choice. You can still get great and natural rejuvenation results by doing less aggressive treatments along the way. Many patients choose this route because life can get in the way as far as timing, work, activity and finances. Celebrities who often look very natural are incredibly consistent with skin care, sun protection, mild chemical peels, microneedling, noninvasive lasers and other energy devices. Going low and slow may not make you look like a million bucks in a week, but over time you could potentially look many years younger than you do now.


        Whether you choose to sprint, circuit train or take a meandering stroll, all of these approaches will get results. When you come in for consultation, let us know which journey philosophy you have chosen and what your goals are. Let us know your tolerance for downtime including the mild expected effects like peeling, bruising redness to moderate swelling. Let us know your pain tolerance level as well as if you have a fear of needles. Let us know about any allergies, reactions to prior treatments, immune system problems, bleeding problems, healing problems or excessive scarring. Tell us if you have issues with break outs, hives or rashes. We will, in turn, let you know the steps you can take to minimize side effects and down time.


There are several categories of journey steps.  Each type of step is intended for a certain cause of what makes us look older. To break these down into more simple terms, there are:


Steps to prevent further damage from sun, indoor lighting, wind, and environment

Steps to prevent creasing of the skin

Steps to keep hair healthy

Steps to keep lashes and brows looking young

Steps for surface hydration

Steps to nourish the skin to increase thickness, collagen, and elasticity

Steps for enhancing product penetration and skin glow

Steps for decreasing pigmentation

Steps for decreasing visible capillaries from sun damage and rosacea

Steps for resurfacing lines and scars

Steps for  replacing volume loss that leads to sagging (superficial, medium and deep)

Steps for tissue tightening


These translate to: sun protection, light protection, supplements, antioxidants, DNA repair, neuromodulators/wrinkle relaxers (Examples: Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport, Xeomin), topical products with actives, volumizing fillers and line fillers (Examples Versa, Belotero, Voluma, juvederm, restylane), exfoliating treatments ( Diamond Glow, microdermabrasion, exfoliating washes, chemical peels), pigmentation treatments (lasers, peels, bleaching cream, brighteners, sun protection, supplements), vessel treatment ( laser, IPL, medications, camouflage) resurfacing (Diamond Glow, microdermabrasion, microneedling, Fractionated laser, peels), tissue tightening ( infini radiofrequency, exilis protege elite, Ultherapy) 


As you can probably tell, there is overlap for some of these treatments and it is important  for the right combination for each person. Along the way on your journey, your next steps will need to be re-assessed. Always having a plan of what your next steps are going to be is the best way to move forward on the path of rejeuvenation.

At times when you are at pause on procedures, your plan would be to continue with good protective, preventative and rejuvenating skin care.

The most important thing is to start with a consultation and take small steps like good skin care and sun protection, and then  justput one foot in front of the other.